Aida – Theatre Carlo Felice, Genova Opera House, 2018

One of the most famous operas in the field of opera has had the opportunity to renew itself and to provide the spectators of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa with an unprecedented experience. The virtual and immersive videographies were signed by Monica Manganelli and produced by Latteplus. Special effects and animations have amplified the intrinsic spectacle of Verdi’s opera, while respecting the elegance and refinement that befit the opera.

The work of Latteplus is effectively described by the visionary director Alfonso Antoniozzi: “Aida is the opera that usually gives the opportunity for theatres to empty their warehouses and put everything on stage: Costumes, Weapons, Bigas, Carriages, Sphinxes, Pyramids, Horses… We, on the other hand, have put only three white screens, and we have reached an even greater spectacularity“.

Techniques: mix of 2D animation, motion graphics, mattepainting-concept art.