Upside Down

Status:  in Development
Written and Directed by: Monica Dovarch
Producers: Antonio Padovani, Francisco Carrasco, Pedro Coelho

Genre: Documentary
Nationality: Germany-Spain-Portugal
Language: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Year: 2023
Length: 90’
Format: 4K-Digital
A Co-Production: LattePlus-Apnea Film-Wondr

Synopsys: Through the stories of Sylvana, Jimenez and Marcelo-respectively in Sardinia,Spain and Portugal-“Upside-Down” explores different trajectories of the depopulation process that has been shaping Europe in the past decades.Many old villages are losing their inhabitants: living and working in modern times require staying connected and being dynamic, conditions that old and isolated towns cannot provide. At the same time, a renewed interest for a more peaceful life and the increased number of people “working remotely” due to the pandemic,have generated a new interest in buying these abandoned houses. But what is at stake here is much more than some empty houses: traditions, beliefs, local handcrafts, languages and knowledge are gradually disappearing from the European map, leaving behind an emptiness that can no longer be filled. Despite the many attempts all over Europe to find new ways to repopulate the villages,many are the questions that remain open: what is the impact of this trend in the preservation and perpetuation of local traditions and languages? What are our individual and collective responsibilities? What will be the result of this overturning phenomenon that sees Europe having been turned “upside down”? Probably the results will be multiple, hybrid and, above all, inevitable, and our protagonists Marcelo, Jimenez and Sylvana will have to make compromises with–if not surrender to–the Zeitgeist.