Far Away

Status:  In development
Directed by: Salvatore Lazzaro
Executive Producers: Francesco Mollo, Fabio Esposito
Producers: Antonio Padovani

Genre: Documentary Series
Nationality: Italy-Germany
Language: English, Arabian, German
Year: 2023
Length: 8 x 25’
Format: 4K-Digital

Synopsys: People emigrate in search of a better world, to escape wars or persecution, economic or climatic crises, but the driving force behind this choice can also be the dream of realizing an artistic vocation. Yet, in the news and in the analysis of the migration phenomenon, there is little talk of “cultural migrants”: men and women who have the courage to rebel against strong social, political and religious conditions.

The series tells the stories of young non-European people who share passion for dance, despite their precarious economic conditions and, for some, even illegality. The road to Europe starts from their participation to the auditions of the itinerant organisation Eurasia Dance Project, which has existed for several years and allows aspiring dancers from different parts otherworld to study in the best academies in Europe. Will they be able to cope with all the cultural challenges this path entails?