Status: Completed
Written and Directed by: Maja Costa
Cinematography: Carola Rodriguez Sanchez
Costumes: Katia Rigali, Paola Beatrice Ruffini
Set Designer: Marta Pagana, Marcus Ferreira
Make Up: Tetiana Dettki
Music: Renato & Ronaldo Gama
Sound Design: Maurizio Bergmann
Executive Producers: Francesco Mollo, Fabio Esposito
Producers: Antonio Padovani

Genre: Sci-fi Drama, Afro-Diaspora
Nationality: Germany-Italy
Language: English, Yoruba, Italian
Year: 2022
Length: 15’
Format: 4K-Color–16:9

Synopsys: Six years old Alya is crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a boat together with her father, pursuing the dream of a better life. Suddenly a storm sinks the boat and Alya’s father disappears in the dark sea. Years later, Alya becomes an astronaut and actually reaches the moon. She’s accomplishing a vital  mission into a lunar cave, when the communication with the base fails. Alya is lost and alone, inside the dark mazy cave, just like many years before in the Mediterranean Sea. How can she survive in such hostile environment?
Mångata (a Swedish word for “road to the Moon”, the glimmering reflection of the moon on the sea) tells the story of the road we travel to find a place to call home and warn how the earth – our home par excellence – is a delicate and precious planet.