The Wine Roads

The Wine Roads is a trip to discover Italian local wines; a passionate Deutsch man addicted to Italian wines, together with an Italian mate, embarks on a tour as a pre-text to show one of the richest territories of the world local vineyards-wise. (Italy has more than 300 vines). The two friends travel by car across Italy visiting vineyards in several regions, meeting with wine-makers, farmers and producers.

Every chapter ends up with dinner in a restaurant, paired with the wine made on the estate they visited earlier, where a local chef will illustrate the recipes especially made to exalt the vineyards visited in that region.

Along their trip, the two main characters will tell unexpected
stories about people who have devoted their life entirely to producing wine. The approach is really familiar and the dia-
logues also will keep a light tone, not going into any technical issues, but making everything really easy to be understood.

More informations:

Production Company : Audioimage

Writer: Fabio Esposito

Category: Documentary Series