Sell your Skin Dearly

Status: In Development
Written and Directed by:
Elettra Orlandi
Producers: Antonio Padovani, Cristiana Badiali

Genre: Animation, Animalism
Nationality: Germany
Language: English
Year: 2024
Length: 85′
Format: Stop-Motion

Synopsys: An accident occurs during a hunt. Looking for the great grey wolf’s fur, Frejus is accidentally shot buy his fellow poaches. Fearing the consequences, they decide to abandon Frejus to the wolfs. In fact, the great wolf finds him shortly after, but the animal brings him into his den rather than eating him. An unusual relationship starts between the two, confusing their roles: Who’s the prey? Who’s the predator? Maybe none of them. Something magical is going to happen in such a special den.

Illegal traffic of fur is always bustling and profit from protected animals exceeds expectations. Sell Your Skin Dearly tells the story of a man facing the beast, eventually understating how to live in harmony with the Nature.